Shiraz - one of the best red grape varieties

 Shiraz is among the best red grape varieties which has extremely growing popularity over the past twenty years. The largest planting of Shiraz red grape variety can be found in France in Rhone Valley, Provence and Corsica, and in Barossa valleys, Hunter, Eden and McLaren in Australia. Other big countries which produce Shiraz wines are USA, Mexico, Chile and Argentina. Most often Shiraz red grapes are used for the manufacturing of blended and varietal wines which include one or more grape varieties. Shiraz grapes can be also found in Rosette wines.

The characteristics of the young Shiraz wines are really incredible. The gentle tones of violets, smoke, rosemary, thyme and different exotic flowers and fruits make the wine really tasteful and astonishing choice for pleasant dinner or wine party. It will not be hard for you to feel the smooth flavor of blueberry, raspberry and black currant. The color of Shiraz wines is also very attractive and pleasant. It is very dense with great purple nuances. With the aging, the Shiraz wines acquired tobacco, leather and chocolate tones.

It is kind of hard to produce great Shiraz grapes, because this variety needs really specific weather conditions. It blooms and ripens fairly early and needs really specific moderate heat. One of its advantages is that Shiraz grape variety has fairly good resistance against most of the diseases in the vines and the soil can be stony with good drainage.

Shiraz wines are really popular in our modern world thanks to the new world countries like Australia and Argentina. They produce really some of the best Shiraz wines in the world. So, if you want to taste its incredible flavor, then just search for some wines coming from these countries and you will not regret.

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