Dry White Wines - Brands, Regions And Characteristics

Dry white wines are really one of the best wines in the world. Many regions in the world produce great dry white wines and you will definitely satisfy your passion for tasting and enjoying their fantastic taste and flavor. Dry white wines are famous for thier lightness and astonishing flavor. Their are really some of the best choices when it gomes for pairing wine and fish. Thier amazing taste will make you immediately dry wine lover. The best part is they are produced in many countries in the world, so you will find great variety of them even in your local store.

Check out below their origin and main characteristics. You will be also label to recognize some of the best white dry wines in the world after reading the short info below. Enjoy it and cheers.

Dry white wine has only a small amount of remaining sugar in it, yet sometimes has a habit of tasting sweet when in fact it is not. The most popular white wines originated in France and Germany, the French types being 'Sauterne' and 'Chablis' and the German types being 'Reisling' (also known as Hock or Rhine) and 'Moselle'. They are all characterized by their lightness, delicacy of flavor and by their light straw color. As well as being produced in Europe, these white wines are also produced in the United States in the coast counties of California. In the eastern US, dry white wines are made from several varieties of grapes developed in the Finger Lakes District of New York State, and Ohio and New Jersey also make them.MoselleThis is the most delicate of the German dry white wine, and the most famous brand of this kind is the 'Bernkasteler Doctor'. These wines are pale and flower scented, and because of their fresh acid and low alcoholic content, they are easily digested and they are usually served cold. RieslingMost dry white wines of Germany are known as Hock wines, and are produced in three districts known as the Rheingau, Rheinhessen and Rheinpfalz.

Perfect Riesling wine is of a slightly greenish color with a smooth acid bitterness and a scent of the best German white wines. It is again best served cold. The dry white German wines are usually called Rhine wine. California Rieslings are also beautiful wines.ChablisThis is a dry white wine with a straw color. Not a lot is made each year because the area In France where it is created is quite small, therefore only a limited amount reaches countries who order it and it is very expensive. It is best served cold. California Chablis is made primarily with Golden Chasselas and Burger grapes grown in the coast counties.

SauterneThis is a French wine that is claimed by many wine drinkers to be the finest produced anywhere in the world. The vineyard where this wine is made is only two hundred acres, therefore the output is very small every year. Its popularity is very large and only small quantities reach America. Some Sauternes are quite sweet while others are completely dry. Sweet Sauterne is one of the most popular table wines and has a full and intense syrupy flavor. Some great Sauternes are produced in California in the Livermore Valley.