How to Make Sangria with Red or White Wine

Find out how to make sangria - Red wine sangria recipe and white wine sangria recipe that you can easy prepare at home. The traditional sangria is among the top wine cocktails that can refresh your summer days and evenings like never before.

Check below what kind of ingredients you will need for preparing red wine sangria, peach sangria, classic Spanish sangria, watermelon sangria and white wine sangria. Keep in mind that you can change the type of wine according to your taste. The below sangria recipes can be always modified, because finding the right taste of the best red or white wine sangria is a personal task of every wine lover.

Dry Red Wine Sangria Recipe – Classic Spanish Sangria

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How to make sangria with red wine? What type of red wine? You can use any type of dry red wine, so don’t worry that you have to buy any special wine edition.

Ingredients per 6 servings:
1. 1 bottle of dry red wine (your favorite brand)(750ml)
2. Rum – 150 ml (sweeter is better)
3. 1 lemon, orange and lime (you can add apples and pears if you want)
4. 3 tablespoons of sugar
5.  Orange Juice – 400 ml

Preparation – Cut the fruits, put them into a large bowl and pour in the wine, rum, juice. Add the sugar and put your ready wine cocktail into the fridge to chill. You can enjoy it after 2 hours. Add some ice into your glass if you want to improve the level of sweetness.

Dry White Wine Sangria with Peaches, Grapes and Some Vodka



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Again, you can use your favorite dry white wine brand or any white wine that you have at home(not recommended if you want to feel the real taste of this sangria recipe)

Ingredients per 6 servings:

1. Bottle of dry white wine – 750 ml
2. Vodka – 200 ml
3.  ½ pound sliced peaches
4. Seedless grapes – red, white
5. Lemonade (freshly squeezed lemons and water) – 500 ml

Preparation – Make fresh lemonade by squeezing several lemons and adding water and sugar. Then slice the peaches and grapes. Mix all ingredients into a large bowl and your summer sangria punch is ready. Put it in the refrigerator for 3 hours and all substances of the recipe will combine their divine properties.

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Watermelon Sangria Recipe with White Wine



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It’s amazing to refresh and satisfy the thirst of your guest with homemade watermelon sangria. It’s a wine cocktail that can make your summer days and parties memorable.

Ingredients for 12 servings:

1. Watermelon – 1,5 kilograms, divided and blended in a blender.
2.  White wine – 1 bottle (750ml)
2. Vodka - 150ml
3. Fruits – 1 orange, lime and some blueberries
4. Triple sec – your favorite brand – 200 ml

How to prepare this watermelon sangria? Put the divided watermelon in the blender and then strain the juice. Slice the orange and lime into slices. Take large bowl and add the watermelon juice, sliced fruits and blueberries. Then add the alcohol – wine, vodka and triple sec. Put in the fridge the large bowl with all mixed ingredients for 3 hours and you are done. The antioxidant properties of the watermelon combined with the taste of flavorful white wine will reveal you the real identity of this amazing watermelon sangria recipe.

How to make sangria? That question should not bother you anymore. You can find above red wine sangria recipes and white wine sangria recipes that can easy fulfill your weekly schedule of delivered freshness and pleasure. Enjoy all summer sangria punches and have fun with your family and friends. Don’t forget to find the right food and wine pairing according to your taste, and make sure that you always have fresh wine cocktail in your fridge.