Château Wines- production, taste and flavor

Chateau Wines are wines made in good and well taking care vineyards. Such vineyards are located within castles- like residences and run by special groups of winemakers and their teams. The most popular chateau wines originate from the Bordeaux region in France. Great number of wine bottles are produced in this well known region of France. The range and variety are awesome and great. Wines, starting from the classic table wine up to the most luxurious bottles of wines known to the world. Some bottles of such kind of wine go very high is the wine market. The lovers of chateau wines grow up in numbers everyday so the wine become more and more famous and known each day. Check below and gather more info.

Some of us would like to know how these extraordinary wines came to be. Here is how they are made.

Grapes and Vine Selection

Almost all of the chateau wines are blended wines, such as those produced in Château Latour, Château Belair and Château Belvedere. Making them always starts with carefully destemming, sorting and pruning of grapes or vines. These are to make sure that there is an adequate volume to start the initial process. Later on, the grape juices or the must, are extracted carefully, avoiding some seeds getting crushed. This helps in eliminating tannins, which are bitter chemical substances that sometimes make wines difficult to drink.

Wine Pressing and Fermentation

Château wine producers use stainless steel or wooden vats and concentrators. Vats are large containers, as tubs or tanks, used for storing or holding liquids. They are highly recommended as it helps control temperature, a very important component in any wine is making process. This is strictly followed in Château Pétrus, Château Mouton Rothschild, Chateau Margaux and Chateau La Roche. They are big producers of classic Bordeaux red wines and clarets. Concentrators on the other hand, contribute a lot to separating water from the must, making wine more condensed in its early stages. This preserves and maintains the natural flavors of the extracted grapes and also helps in speeding up the process to make way for fermentation.

The chateau wines usually undergo barrel-ageing for fermentation. Six months is basically required for standard wines but for a chateau wine, it is barrel-aged for 18-20 months. Yeast is added up to the must which interacts with the sugars to produce ethanol. Oak chips are optional to enhance flavor. The wine bottles are then placed horizontally in wooden or metal frames to clear them up from the lees which are the substance and particles left at the bottom.

Wine Classification

Once the wine has aged within the right amount of time, the classification begins. The first blend is classified as chateau grand vin. The wine left from the first blend is released as the chateau second-wine or in some instances, even as chateau third-wine. Bottled chateau wines from St. Emilion and some domaines are most recognized for they always come from the first blend.

Wines even in the fermentation stage can already be purchased. Orders are sometimes then placed in advance for some of the top chateau wines. This is what wine producers call as selling en primeur. This gives the prospect customers the chance to invest in a particular wine before it is bottled. Some wine experts recommend buying barrels of fermented wine as this may be considerably affordable than they will be once released in the market.

You must try Château Wines if you still don't. Then you will know why they are so great and famous wines around the world. Smooth taste and flavor, which you will remember for a long time. CHEERS.

The finest wines of Portugal, Europe
The finest wines of Portugal are not very famous around the world. That is why I want to introduce you some of the best wines that are made in Portugal. The production of such kind of wines begun many centuries ago and I was very surprised when I understand that a lot of people don't even know about their flavor and great taste.

The history of the wines is great. There are legends that tell of wine being produced in Portugal from as far back as 4000 years ago. Of course, the production was much different than it is today, but it is possible that Portugal has been producing wine since the time of the Phoenicians.

Distinctive and Exceptional

Every wine fan know that the finest wines produced in Portugal have traditionally been port and Madeira, two fortified wines enjoyed all around the world. But the variety is enormous and the choice of beverage you have is huge.

Portugal has several different wine regions, each producing and using its own distinctive grape varieties. In fact, this is what makes Portuguese wine so unique among other wine-producing countries. The wines produced in Portugal are made from native grape species, and they are all distinctive to the area. There are government safeguards in place to ensure that all wine produced in Portugal is of the highest quality possible.

Many different types of wine come from Portugal, though not all of them are well-known in other parts of the world. Europe, especially England, is well acquainted with most of Portugal's finest exports, but they have yet to gain the same popularity in the United States.

Alentejo Wine

The Alentejo region is in southern Portugal. The wines produced from the alentejo grapes are fruity, soft whites with a distinctive acidity. This is one of the most preferred wines for consumption within Portugal.

Bairrada Wine

The Regiao Demarcada da Bairrada produces white and red wines, but the most popular wine from this region is a sparkling white wine which is quite commonly found in Portuguese restaurants.

Colares Sand Wine

Near Lisbon, wine grapes are grown in sandy soil that is in short supply today due to the expansion of the city. Colares sand wine is produced in both red and white varieties, and has a distinctive fruity taste.

Dao Wine

The Regiao Demarcada do Dao is in northern Portugal, and it produces some very unique wines from several varieties of Portuguese grapes. These are widely thought to be the finest table wine produced in Portugal.

Moscatel Wine

Moscatel (Muscat in English) is one of the oldest varieties of Portuguese wine. It is a fortified wine that has been enjoyed for hundreds of years.

Port Wine

Port wines are fortified wines that can be enjoyed in either red or white varieties. This is one of the types of wine that made Portuguese wine known and loved around the world.

Vinho Verde

Vinho Verde is produced in northwest Portugal and does not go through an aging stage. It is the second most exported Portuguese wine, just after port.

Now you know that Portugal has a lot of fine wine and spirits. If you got a chance you must try all of them. The taste and the flavor they got are awesome and easy to remember. Portugal-another country which produce fine wine and spirits for everyone.

Wine Cellar Rack-Wine Storage

All you need to know about wine cellar racks and how they can make improve the quality of your wine. Great tips for wine lovers and a lot of way to produce and make your wine better tasting. Wine storage is essential part of wine producing process and you must know the important tips about wine storing and wine cellars racks. To be better wine maker is great and you need to know the vital part of wine making to be at least in the middle of wine's world.
A wine cellar rack allows any wine enthusiast to achieve a professional wine cellar in the comfort of their own home. Normally, wine cellar racks are wall mounted, although they can be stacked as well. They range in size, and can hold anywhere from 10 - 300 bottles of wine. Depending on your needs and how many bottles you have to store, you’ll want to choose accordingly.

One of the best things about wine cellar racks is the fact that are customizable. You can fit them to your liking, or what looks best in your cellar. Wine cellar racks will allow you to convert practically any space of your home or your cellar into a storage area for your wine in little to no time at all. All you have to do is set the racks up - then store your wine.

All wine bottles, no know matter what brand, needs to have the proper storage in order to maintain their original flavor. Those who know wine, know that the easiest and best way to store wine in bottles is put the bottles on their sides. When using a wine cellar rack, you’ll have the choice of individually storing the bottles, or grouping them together. Cellar racks are the ideal way to store wine bottles, especially if you have a large amount.

Wine cellar racks and the way they store wine are essential for many reasons. With the wine being stored on it’s side, the sediments that will eventually settle over time are evenly distributed throughout the wine, which helps keep more of the original flavor. Along with helping to preserve the original flavor of the wine, the corks and labels are also preserved.

Unlike other forms of wine storage, wine cellar racks will work in any home, and they are very affordable as well. They come with detailed instructions, they are easy to assemble, and include everything you need to begin using your new rack immediately. You can also find a variety of sizes, colors, styles, and materials. Contrary to what you may think, wine cellar racks don’t take up a lot of space in your home. If you use them on their sides, they will take up even less space than if you were to stand them upright.

These days, wine cellar racks aren’t just for commercial use. Even though they are geared more towards large consumers, individual wine enthusiasts have a lot to gain with a wine cellar rack. You can find these racks at your local department store, or online. They don’t cost a lot of money either, yet they will give you the storage you need. No matter how much space you have to spare in your home - wine cellar racks will give you everything you need to store and preserve your wine.

As you already know wine storage like wine cellars racks are great stuff to know about. It will give you the needed power to become better wine maker. This will simply put you on another level of wine and spirit making world. Better taste,better flavor more friend and fun.

How to Enjoy Wine and avoid Belly Fat

Once you gain an appreciation for wine, the experience of trying different varietals and learning of the various wine growing regions fuels the passion. Wine consumption easily becomes a part of your weekly lifestyle and diet. Unfortunately, drinking wine is a noted contributor to the fat on your belly - upsetting indeed.

Continue reading for a better understanding of how wine contributes to belly fat and what level of consumption is safe for you waist line.

Wine has some fine health benefits and certainly does have a place in your diet. In moderation, wine dilates small blood vessels, helps prevent clotting and is good for the heart. The enzymes in wine help digestion. Wine also contains four different poly phenol antioxidants, including the famed Reservatol, which fight everything from the aging of body tissues to cancer cells. Enjoy all of these benefits and no excess body fat with moderate consumption.

Wine, at its basic elements, is 85% water and 12% ethyl alcohol with a mixture of various sugars and carbohydrates. Wine does not contain any fat or cholesterol, but wine does contain calories. Each glass of wine, red or white, is roughly 130 calories. This is a fair amount when compared to a pint of beer or a can of Coke. A regular pint of beer is 148 calories and a 12 ounce can of regular Coke is 140 calories.

To quickly put calories in perspective, it will take you 14 minutes of running or 44 minutes of walking to burn off 180 calories. So, three glasses of wine at dinner is a load of extra calories that you are not going to burn off after the meal. Buy a bottle at dinner on special occasions only. Buy wine by the glass when you go out.

The key is to consume slowly, no more than one glass per hour. The body gives alcohol special treatment, It's routed straight from the stomach to the bloodstream, and then to the liver. Half of the alcohol will be absorbed just 10 minutes after having a drink, and all of it within an hour.

The liver can only break down the alcohol in one glass of wine per hour, and any amount above this is turned away as it arrives at the liver and sent back into the bloodstream to circulate around the body until the liver can process it. Alcohol, like all other toxins, is stored in fat when the body is exposed to so much that it cannot be effectively expelled from the body. So, both the calories from wine and the alcohol combine to create belly fat when consumption is too fast and too much. Slow down and enjoy no more than two glasses in one sitting.


Wine for Health

Wine helps many people that have some health problems to regain their condition and feel better. It is really medicine alternative that help a lot of us to live our life better and with style. And the most important thing-WINE HELP YOUR HEALTH.

We've all been hearing a lot about the health benefits of wine these days. Actually, the medical profession has known for thousands of years that wine has a lot of beneficial properties and uses. Even as far back as biblical times we're told that Jesus turned water to wine. This could have been due to the fact that wine was much safer than most of the drinking water in that era. But, he did it, and we know that wine was regularly consumed by most people then, even by the economically distressed, and they all supposedly lived for hundreds of years.

Still yet in more modern times there was an entire medical generation that had their wine information censored and suppressed due to Prohibition. They became the teachers for the next generation of medical healers. Thus, they conveyed no knowledge about the healthful benefits of wine to them.

Wine is quite possibly the oldest remedy still in use. Many studies have shown that women who regularly and moderately consume wine have a lesser chance of having kidney stones. Moderate wine amounts have been associated in a reduction in the incidence of stroke risks. Components that are presumed to prevent cardiovascular disease are flavonoids and tannins, both of which are contained in wine. Also, its alcohol content along with the naturally occuring plant compounds, (phytochemicals), have been shown to reduce certain cancers and slow down the progression of degenerative disorders such as Alzheimers or Parkinsons Diseases. Small amounts of alcohol can raise good cholesterol and thin blood, a primary cardiovascular benefit of wine.

Red wine contains resveratrol and quercetin, ingredients that may boost immune systems
and even prolong life. Wine serves to reduce tension and anxiety, it is a natural, although mild, tranquilizer. Wine provides energy, helps digestion and has a small amount of vitamins and minerals. All in all wine is a good thing with the key to its beneficial aspects being regularity and moderation. Moderation cannot be emphasized enough because over-consumption can be potentially much moer harmful than totally abstaining.

Moderation consists of safe and effective drinking. A drink is approximately 5-6 ounces of wine. Men should consume no more than two of these size drinks per day with women only indulging in one drink per day.

Wine is gift from the Gods as many mythologies say, and do you know what- It is. It keep your health in perfect condition and help and prevent a lot of troubles.

Drinking red wine is good for your heart and health

Red wine is great for your health and your heart in general. It can help your blood pressure to be in the normal levels and keep you in good condition. Red wine is really good nature benefit for all the people's health.

Red wine and some alcohol content is known to get rid of some heart or prevent some heart problems.Red wine increase your good cholesterol. The French didn't have much heart problems even though they ate really fatty foods is because they drink a great amount of red wine.Drink about half a glass of red wine per day or with a meal. Don't over do it though because too much alcohol can give your health problems.Make cocktails if you don't like the real taste of the wine or alcohol. If you drink red wine on a regular basis, it'll do your heart wonder.

You should try to have a couple of bottle of wine at home so that you can have it available for drinking. You should always try to include some red wine with a meal. This can be equivalent to about one workout per day and that is how much it'll benefit you. You should take advantage of this great benefit and reduce some of your heart chances of having problems. Red wine can help you steer clear of the problem. Red wine is very inexpensive too so there's no reason why you can't buy it.

There really is no reason not to enjoy glass or two of red wine after work. It will keep your mood and health at higher level and simply will make your life better.

Wine Rack is So Important

To store wine in a perfect way you need to have all the conditions at great level. The humidity and temperature must be at optimal level,the light is also very important for storing wine and keep it's quality at top. The movement is also one of the most important factors which you should check to ensure the quality of the wine. The wine racks are built for that-to keep the wine safe and stored in a most proper manner.

When you choose your wine rack, you should always remember to choose one that will store your wine properly. There are a several styles to choose from, including those that stack, wall mounts, and side mounts. You should also pay attention to size as well, as the sizes range from storing a few bottles to storing hundreds. You’ll also have a lot of varieties and designs to select from, all of which depend on your needs and your space.

Among the best types of wine racks are the horizontal racks. Contrary to what many may think, vertical racks aren’t a good choice for storing your wine. Wine that is stored on vertical racks are stored vertically, which means that the cork will dry out and eventually start to shrink, bringing air into the wine and ruining it. On the other hand, vertical racks can come in handy when storing wine for short periods of time, or wine that is best consumed young.

Tilted racks are another type of rack you should avoid using, as they can dry out the corks or deposit the sediments too close to the cork. For your wine storing needs, you should always go with a horizontal rack. Horizontal racks will keep the cork moist, and keep unwanted air from making contact with the wine. The sediment will fall towards the side of the bottle, preventing spillage when you pop the cork. Horizontal racks are also very affordable and you can always add more racks to the design with little to no problem.

The materials for wine racks are normally wood or metal. You can hang them from ceilings, mount them on the wall, or simply place them on the floor. Metal racks are the strongest, although wood is more flexible. Wooden racks provide a bit more storage, for the simple fact that you can always add to them. Wood racks are also visually appealing, durable, and provide plenty of strength.

All in all, a wine rack is a fine investment for anyone who appreciates wine. There are various sizes to choose from, all of which are very affordable. The small to medium sizes work best for homes, while the large styles are best for commercial settings. No matter where you keep your wine - you can count on a wine rack to keep your wine stored for years to come.

Hope this article help you to understand the benefit of using wine racks for storing. This way you will preserve the quality of your wine and enjoy the great taste and flavor it brings.

Ice Wine tips and review

Quick and brief info about ice wine.Now is the time for you to know what type of ice wine there is, how it is produced and the different types of ice wine with its great and rare taste. Simple the best and unique beverage in the world. Only for wine lovers.

Although there are several types of wine that you buy, one of the most unheard of is ice wine. Ice wine is a very rare form of wine, a wine that is produced under certain types of weather conditions. Ice wine is mainly produced in the Pacific Northwest region, where the weather conditions are right for the wine.

As ironic as it is, ice wine is produced in very small quantities. With the wine requiring only the fines of quality and a lack of availability, the product is extremely rare indeed. Truth be told, there are only a lucky few who are actually able to purchase the wine. Ice wine, due to the scarce amount, can be extremely expensive and out of the price range for a majority of us.

Much like the beauty of owning a diamond, ice wine is something that many of us hope and dream to experience at some point in our lives. Although the materials are rare, the weather conditions are even more crucial to producing this wine. Once the right weather conditions arrive, the wine maker prepares to produce this extremely rare and priceless wine.

The basic requirements needed to produce ice wine are fully ripened grapes and a temperature of around 5 degrees C. The temperature needs to stay that way for several days, so that the wine maker can complete the process of making the wine. Grapes that are frozen during these extremely cold temperatures are hand plucked at night by the wine maker and his assistants.

To produce a bottle of ice wine, full vine grapes may be required. Once the grapes have been collected, they are gently pressed, in order to collect the running juice only. The temperature creates the frozen water crystals, which are fermented along with sugars and the particles that are found in the free running juices. Through this process, the wonderful and rare ice wine is created.

If you have been looking to try ice wine, finding it may be very difficult. As you probably already know, most alcohol and wine stores don’t sell this rare wine. Finding it online is very hard to do as well, unless you catch it at the right time. Even then, if you are able to find it, it can easily cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars for a single bottle.

The best way to experience ice wine is to find the right wine maker in the Pacific Northwest region. Even though bottles go extremely fast once they have been made, you may be able to catch a wine maker with some on hand. Be prepared to spend a hefty amount though. Although it can cost a lot and be extremely hard to find - the taste of ice wine makes it well worth the effort.

Grab it. Taste it. As you know already this valuable info about ice wine I can't see a reason not to try it and share your opinion with others. Cheers.