Shiraz - one of the best red grape varieties

 Shiraz is among the best red grape varieties which has extremely growing popularity over the past twenty years. The largest planting of Shiraz red grape variety can be found in France in Rhone Valley, Provence and Corsica, and in Barossa valleys, Hunter, Eden and McLaren in Australia. Other big countries which produce Shiraz wines are USA, Mexico, Chile and Argentina. Most often Shiraz red grapes are used for the manufacturing of blended and varietal wines which include one or more grape varieties. Shiraz grapes can be also found in Rosette wines.

The characteristics of the young Shiraz wines are really incredible. The gentle tones of violets, smoke, rosemary, thyme and different exotic flowers and fruits make the wine really tasteful and astonishing choice for pleasant dinner or wine party. It will not be hard for you to feel the smooth flavor of blueberry, raspberry and black currant. The color of Shiraz wines is also very attractive and pleasant. It is very dense with great purple nuances. With the aging, the Shiraz wines acquired tobacco, leather and chocolate tones.

It is kind of hard to produce great Shiraz grapes, because this variety needs really specific weather conditions. It blooms and ripens fairly early and needs really specific moderate heat. One of its advantages is that Shiraz grape variety has fairly good resistance against most of the diseases in the vines and the soil can be stony with good drainage.

Shiraz wines are really popular in our modern world thanks to the new world countries like Australia and Argentina. They produce really some of the best Shiraz wines in the world. So, if you want to taste its incredible flavor, then just search for some wines coming from these countries and you will not regret.

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White Peach Sangria - Original Recipe

White peach sangria is great refreshing summer wine cocktail suitable for any occasions. This white wine sangria recipe includes very common ingredients which you already have in your home or can easy find in the local store. The pleasant flavor of the fresh peaches and the chilled white wine will definitely make your day better. Check out below what you need to prepare this original and refreshing summer wine cocktail.

Before you check out the ingredients below you have to know that all of them should be chilled. If you fail to do that, then you have to add a lot of ice cubes in the cocktail and the water will make your white peach sangria flavorless and not so refreshing as you wanted. So, keep that in mind before you start anything.

Ingredients for White Peach Sangria:

1. One bottle of chilled white wine - 750 ml or 25 oz
2. Club soda - 1 bottle or 10 oz (chilled of course)
3. Peach schnapps - 1/2 cup or 5 oz
4. Two tablespoons orange liqueur
5. Three or four fresh peaches sliced as you want
6. Two or three mint leaves for better flavor

How to prepare this White Peach Sangria

Find out your best punch bowl after you make sure that all ingredients are chilled. Then you can start with the white wine. If you want more fruity and sweet taste, then you can use any Moscato wine. Sauvignon Blanc always has a little bit herbal character and Chardonnay wines have rich citrus flavor with some hints of vanilla and melon. So, you can choose from these three popular types of white wines according to your taste and desires. Just do not forget that in this white peach sangria we are going to use sweet liqueurs, so looks like Sauvignon Black is your better option if you do not want to drink too sweet sangria.

After that everything is easy and all you have to do is to add the ingredients without the peaches in the bowl and mix them well. Add the peaches at last, otherwise you risk your white peaches sangria to become too cloudy with a lot of small  parts of the peaches swimming in the bowl.

As you see, it is really easy to prepare white peach sangria. This recipe will take you less than 5 minutes and after that all you have to do is to put a slice of peach in your glass and drink your homemade white peach sangria with your family and friends. You will see, that it is great refreshing summer wine cocktail, which will easy become a part of your hot summer days.

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Merlot Wine - Grapes, Flavor And Pairing

Merlot wine becomes one of the most popular wines in the world. Merlot grapes have really great flavor between red cherries and purple plums, and that is the reason why Merlot wine has so soft and fruitful taste. Nowadays, many people across the globe choose the wine as their favorite drink and as a proof of its growing popularity is the fact, that in Bordeaux, France, one of the most popular wine regions, Merlot plantings are more than even Cabernet Sauvignon.

If you are looking to buy Merlot wine online, then you have to know several important facts about it. It will help you to make the right choice, because as you know, the competition is really huge and sometimes it is very hard to find your desired wine. There are many wine regions which produce Merlot wine, but you should search for wineries where the climate is sunny and chilly. These are the perfect weather conditions for the growth of the grapes of this fantastic wine. Some of these regions are Napa and Sonoma Valleys, northeast Italy, Bordeaux - France, Washington State, Bulgaria and Chile.

Merlot Grapes

If you want to make your own homemade Merlot wine, then you should know that you can mix different types of grapes with Merlot and you will achieve really blended and unforgettable wine flavor and taste. Merlot wine has lower tannins and therefore it has so soft and pleasant taste. Many wine producers use it to soften up the so called "heavy" wines like Cabernet. Its earlier maturing makes it really loved by the wine manufactures and if we add this fact to the great currant, black cherry, cedar, tobacco, mint and green olive flavor which most of Merlot wines had, then you will quickly realize why so many wine lovers prefer it for their lamb and beef meals. You can also pair it with fish and seafood.

Some of the best and affordable Merlot wines which you should try are:

1. Beringer Napa Valley Merlot - 2003
    Sonoma County, California
2. Barnard Griffin Merlot - 2004
    Columbia Valley, Washington
3. Shafer Napa Valley Merlot - 2004
    Napa Valley, California
4. Brassfield Merlot - 2004
    North Coast, California
5. Ferrari-Carano Merlot - 2003
    Sonoma County, California

They are all made in USA, but if you see in your local store or online Merlot wines coming from Italy, France, Bulgaria and Georgia, they you will be definitely satisfied of your choice. Most of them has very affordable price and sometimes you can find it very low for good wine. Do not be confused, they are also  quality Merlot wines, but most of the wineries do not have to financial power to promote their products as the American companies.

Go ahead and try some or check the guide on how to produce your own homemade Merlot wine.