Sangria recipe - How to prepare traditional sangria

There are many sangria recipes, but few are great and delicious as this original and basic sangria wine punch. The unique taste of sangria can easy make you happy and joyful. So, do not try to improvise with many various recipes of this wonderful drink, because you will lose the basic and unique flavor and taste of the Spanish traditional drink. So check out below all the ingredient and instructions needed to prepare in the best possible and easiest manner awesome sangria cocktail.

It is very easy to make  4 glasses of sangria in less then 10 minutes. That is why many people choose to use more often this sangria recipe, because it is not time consuming and the can be done form everybody. You will not need any special knowledge to prepare it for any kind of party or celebration.

Ingredients needed for the preparation of the original sangria recipe

* 3 1/4 cups ( 26 fl. oz) dry red wine
* sugar - one tablespoon or 5-10 gr.
* orange juice -  from one freshly squeezed orange
* lemon juice - one squeezed lemon
* one lemon and one orange - thin sliced
* two peaches - peeled and sliced into chunks
* soda - 1 cup or (8 fl. oz)

Check out how to prepare the original sangria recipe

First of all, in order to make this recipe really works you need to get large punch bowl. Next you have to mix all ingredients in the bowl except the club soda which you have to add later. When you mix well the sangria cocktail you have to cool it in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours. You have to add the soda immediately before serving to the guest of your party. The club soda will definitely add better and different taste to this original sangria. Add some ice cubes into the glass and you will be able to taste the real original Spanish sangria. Check out for some great dry red wine  and you will have really one of the best sangria drink in your life.