Porto Cobbler Wine Cocktail For All Cigar Lovers

The well known Porto Cobbler wine cocktail is really loved by all fans of fine wine and cigars. The combination is perfect for great relax and enjoying of life. So, straight to the point. Check below what you are going to need to prepare your Porto Cobbler wine cocktail and the exact steps that you have to make.

You need the following ingredients:
- Fortified red wine - 80 ml
- Dry red wine - 40 ml;
- Watermelon syrup - 30 ml;
- Light cocoa liquor - 15 ml. 

To prepare Porto Cobbler wine cocktail you must have a Boston shaker, strainer, jigger and spoon.
All the components are mixed in a shaker, then pour the ready drink through a strainer into a glass and decorate with mint, raspberry or blackberry. This cocktail is served with a spoon for better taste.

The cocktail goes perfectly with fine cigars and you will quickly realize that even afer your first smoke. The unique taste of the fortified wine and the watermelon syrup will make your evenings really perfect. If you manage to follow the wine recipe carefully then you will feel the taste of prunes at the end the end of your sip, something very strange because they absent in this wine cocktail. It is just one of the miracles of the wine mixology - combine the ingredients and get new unexpected flavors.

Porto Cobbler wine cocktail will make your life better if you are huge cigar lover. Try it ones and you will see the slight difference between it and the rest of the cocktails which you have already tried.