Mulled wine with orange and cinnamon

The mulled wine is great choice during the cold winter days. Check out how you to prepare your own homemade mulled wine with orange and cinnamon. It is very easy recipe which will help you to make mulled wine which taste and flavor will definitely make you feel good and relaxed.

The ingredients for mulled wine with orange and cinnamon:

1. Red wine - 1 bottle or 1 liter
2. Oranges - 3 pcs.
3. Cinnamon - 3 sticks
4. Cloves - 2 pcs.
5. Peppermint - 2 tea spoons

Preparation of mulled wine with orange and cinnamon:

1. First you have to squeeze two of the oranges and cut the third one into circles

2. Pour the wine you have into a suitable container and add the orange juice. Then leave the bowl to simmer until the wine boils.

3. Then you have to add the rest of the ingredients and leave the bowl on the heat for another 2-3 minutes and your homemade mulled wine with orange and cinnamon is ready.

You can decorate the wine glasses if you want to fully enjoy the wine. The flavor of fine red wine and orange will fill the room immediately. You can pair it with cheese or seafood. Try this easy recipe for mulled wine with orange and cinnamon and you will not regret. It is great pleasure which will keep you warm and in perfect health during the cold winter. Cheers.

How to pair sushi and wines?
Nowadays, sushi and fine wine are great end of busy and beneficial day. Pairing sushi and fine wine can be very hard task for most of you. Most of the restaurants will offer you slightly warm sake in combination with your sushi, but when it is up to wine, most of the waiters will not help you. Check out below the best combination between sushi and wine and try to remember the information. It will help you many times for sure.

You can pair sushi made from the white meat of the fish with wine such Pinot Blanc, Merlot and Pinot Gridzhio.

You can pair sushi from sweet and white fish or other seafood with Champagne or sparkling wine. Chardonnay wines are also perfect for such kind of sushi.

Sushi made from dried fish with a strong character and taste will pair best with wines from the Sauvignon Blanc variety (there is such a large selection of wines from Bulgaria, France, New Zealand, Chile, etc.).

Sushi which is made from fish with dark meat should be combined with representatives of the lightest, fresh red wines - those made from varieties of Pinot Noir and Gamey.

Do not try to use too much spicy sauces, because you will not be able to enjoy the perfect combination between sushi and fine wine. As you see pairing sushi and fine wine is not so difficult. Try to follow the short guide and you will enjoy your sushi and wine in the best possible manner. Then you will have the answer of the question “How to pair sushi and wine?”.

Rose wine - Tips and Facts

The finest rose wine is light, slightly tannic wine that is produced from different red varieties of grape, but using technology for making white wine. After separating the grains from clusters, the grapes must remain with the skin, depending on their variety and maturity, between 2 and 6 hours. After the pressing process the skin of the grape must be separated and the fermentation of these fine rose wine is can begin. There are several tips on how to produce your homemade wine. The most important wine making process for fine rose wine is the pressing . If you press the grapes very intensive and prolonged , the color of your fine rose wine will be darker, but the wine will be crystal clear

The color of the finest rose wines, as you can quest their name is pink. But you should know that the color is ranging from pale, barely noticed shades to a dark, close to the bright red, color. So, do not be surprised if you find on the market rose wines which color is almost red. The greatest benefits of the rose wine are that they combine the taste and fruitfulness of the white wines and the density of the finest red wines in the world.

There are many wine regions in the world that produce fine rose wine. The main reasons for its production in these regions are several. The climate is perfect for the production of wine and wine makers, who have only red type of grapes prefer to make good and fresh rose wine, instead of pale and sour red wine.

There is huge production of fine rose wine in the hot wine regions of Spain and France. French and Spaniards love it It is maybe the best option during the hot summer days. It is far better than the heavy red types of wine. The production of fine rose wine in Italy is not so big. But there are many great Italian brands, especially made for export. Italians do not like it too much, because they do not have any problem to switch from red to white wine during the year.

If you are looking to buy online rose wine, just search for wines from France, Italy or Spain. Just choose one and you will not regret. If you want to prepare your own homemade wine you can make it without a problem. Just learn more about its production - what kind of grapes do you need, specific methods and tips, and you will be able to make great rose wine by yourself. But it will be good for you if you first try some from the local market or buy rose wine online. This will only motivate and refresh your life.