Old Original Sangria - Recipes and Info For Your Pleasure

       Old original sangria is great cocktail and favorite drink of whole Spain. The recipe is very simple and you can make your awesome sangria without any problems. You can even make your own variations and you will be able to fully understand of uniqueness of Sangria.
The main ingredient of original and authentic Sangria is red wine and this is mixed with a variety of fruit (anything from apples, oranges and lemons) and freshly squeezed orange juice. Honey can sometimes be added to add sweetness and fizzy water, lemon juice and a spirit such as brandy can also be added for depth of flavour. The wine used in Sangria does not have to be expensive but it makes sense if it fairtrade as this is sustainable as well as being delicious and obviously the nicer the wine, the nicer the end result will be.

Sangria is a colourful drink originating from Spain and is popular thanks to its fresh and tasty ingredients which are combined to make a seriously refreshing drink, whether you're after an alcoholic of non-alcoholic punch. The wine base is only for those who wish to include alcohol and a virgin version can be stirred up just as easily using grape juice or non-alcoholic wines which are widely available in local supermarkets. Many people serve Sangria when the sun comes out because it is sweet and fruity but it is just as good to warm the cockles on a cold night, especially if spices such as cinnamon and ginger are added for that little kick. There are many different variations of Sangria and no one version is necessarily better, it is essentially down to personal tastes and preference.

Because there are many suitable options for alcoholic inclusions as well as types of fruits to be used, the final product can vary greatly for Sangria but each has its own unique taste that delights people everywhere. What is more, although the ingredients may vary greatly, there is no question that the good taste of Sangria is perfect for any celebration and can be a very quick solution of what to give friends to drink at short notice.

Create a non alcoholic version which the whole family can enjoy by using a blend of fresh fruit juices and fizzy water and get the kids involved in making it too. If you're not a fan of red wine, look for a sangria recipe which uses white wine instead and play around with the ingredients and quantity until you're left with a recipe that suits your tastes and which you can make over and over again. Just remember though that are hundreds of recipes for Sangria online so mix it up and a try a new one every now and again!