How to pair sushi and wines?
Nowadays, sushi and fine wine are great end of busy and beneficial day. Pairing sushi and fine wine can be very hard task for most of you. Most of the restaurants will offer you slightly warm sake in combination with your sushi, but when it is up to wine, most of the waiters will not help you. Check out below the best combination between sushi and wine and try to remember the information. It will help you many times for sure.

You can pair sushi made from the white meat of the fish with wine such Pinot Blanc, Merlot and Pinot Gridzhio.

You can pair sushi from sweet and white fish or other seafood with Champagne or sparkling wine. Chardonnay wines are also perfect for such kind of sushi.

Sushi made from dried fish with a strong character and taste will pair best with wines from the Sauvignon Blanc variety (there is such a large selection of wines from Bulgaria, France, New Zealand, Chile, etc.).

Sushi which is made from fish with dark meat should be combined with representatives of the lightest, fresh red wines - those made from varieties of Pinot Noir and Gamey.

Do not try to use too much spicy sauces, because you will not be able to enjoy the perfect combination between sushi and fine wine. As you see pairing sushi and fine wine is not so difficult. Try to follow the short guide and you will enjoy your sushi and wine in the best possible manner. Then you will have the answer of the question “How to pair sushi and wine?”.